The Mirror in the Mist mirror defogger is a thin electric heating pad that is mounted behind your bathroom mirror to prevent it from fogging up. By heating the mirror it will keep your bathroom mirror clear in the steamiest of conditions even if the doors are closed and the fan is off. The mirror heating element is not a spray or coating that has to be reapplied over and over but is completely maintenance free and out of sight. The cost is just pennies a day. Your bathroom mirror will remain fog free because no fog will ever form on a heated mirror. The result is that your bathroom mirror is always working because Mirror in the Mist is there to insure a fogless mirror, especially when you need it most.

Mirror in the Mist mirror heater pads are available in various sizes to fit every requirement and budget. If you are remodeling or renovating your bathroom this is the time to install a Mirror in the Mist defogger (heating element) to insure fog free mirrors. Mirror in the Mist will manufacture a custom size of any size and shape to meet your requirements. All models are available to operate from 24, 120 and 220 volts.

Mirror in the Mist products use a heating technology that has been shown to be safe and reliable in industrial applications for decades. Now you can enjoy this technology in your home.

Hotel managers, we are prepared to provide the mirror defoggers that will demonstrate you attend to every detail and will keep your guests coming back.

New homebuilders and renovators, we are prepared to deliver the size and quantity you require. Contact us for a quantity discount-pricing schedule.

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