We will be happy to build a mirror defogger unit to your specifications. Often it is possible to accommodate large mirrors with multiple units. However, we can also build large single unit mirror defoggers as well as units which will clear mirrors of shapes other than rectangular.

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Custom 12" Round Heater Unit 


The Elegant Oval

Add a touch of elegance to your new bathroom or bathroom renovation with Mirror in the Mist's "ELEGANT OVAL" design.

Even though the mirror defogger is completely hidden behind your mirror, regardless of the shape of your mirror, each time you shower, a classic cameo like frame will appear around your face or face and torso while at the same time providing a fog free space where you can enjoy the usefulness of your mirror.

The elegant oval is available as a custom design in any size to fit your mirror. It may be mounted in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

No Mirror too Large

Due to the technology used at Mirror in the Mist we can supply a mirror defogger of virtually any size (or shape) at a cost per square foot that rivals our standard models plus a nominal custom design fee. We are happy to offer low prices even though we are essentially without competition in the industry for custom size mirror defogger's.

Pictured below is our largest single mirror defogger design to date. This defogger measures 83 inches wide by 50 inches tall and still works from a 120 VAC supply at a power consumption of 500 watts. It was designed and built within 4 business days and shipped to an upscale home in New York City.

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