Can I install a mirror defogger on an exterior wall?

 2. Can I install a Mirror in the Mist defogger behind a mirror that is tiled into the wall?
 3. Are mirror defoggers safe?
 4. Why are Mirror in the Mist defoggers less expensive than other mirror defoggers?
 5. Why don't the Mirror in the Mist products display the CSA mark?
 6. Do I have to have an electrician install my mirror defogger?
 7. Why can't I find Mirror in the Mist in stores?
 8. Do I need to install an electrical box for my mirror defogger?
 9. My mirror is glued to the wall. Can I still install a mirror defogger?
10. Can I glue my mirror to the wall after installing a mirror defogger instead of using mirror brackets?
11. Can I install a three-prong plug on the mirror defogger cable and plug it in instead of running the wires behind the wall?
12. Why do Mirror in the Mist defoggers use metal foil in the construction?

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