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This section of the site provides pictorial, step-by-step instructions for installing a mirror defogger.

The Mirror in the Mist mirror defogger was designed to be mounted behind the mirror directly on the wall. The mirror defogger unit is of negligable thickness (approximately 0.050 to 0.100 inches) for typical installations. It is not necessary to affix the mirror defogger to the back of the mirror however, the mirror defogger should be snug to, and in direct contact with the back of the mirror when the mirror is in place. If there is a gap behind the mirror that will not allow the mirror heater to fit snuggly, backing material should be used to space the unit out from the wall so that a snug fit can be achieved.

The instructions for three methods are provided for installing your mirror defogger. Choose the method that is most appropriate for you.

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