The mirror defogger will keep an area of your mirror clear in a steamy bathroom. Properly installed it will allow a clear view of the head and face area (or larger) after the room has been filled with water vapor from operating the shower. The frustrating task of continually wiping the mist from the mirror while shaving or putting on makeup is now eliminated.

Steam-free bathroom mirror

fog-free shower mirror

By keeping the temperature relatively low and connecting the heater so that it operates only when the bathroom light is on, "Mirror in the Mist" does its job for pennies a month. Power consumption typically is comparable to the light in the refrigerator.

The mirror defogger works by providing a small amount of heat behind the mirror similar to a rear window de-fogger in a car. Elevating the surface temperature of the mirror to slightly above body temperature is sufficient to eliminate the condensation which would otherwise render the mirror virtually useless in a steamy bathroom, resulting in a fogless mirror.

All Mirror In The Mist products are   
and available in both 120 and 240 Volts

All models are suitable for most wall-mounted mirrors requiring virtually no space 0.050" (1mm) behind the mirror.

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