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Craig P. Laws / Baltimore, MD:
“I installed a unit in my master bath yesterday. I must say I am delighted. Elegantly simple and easy to install, it works as advertised.”

Brian Johnson / Huntsville, TX:
“After I toweled off I looked to see the entire area in front of the defogger was clear so I could use my mirror the way it was intended. I am thrilled and proud of my new mirror defogger. One more compliment. You, by far were the best value for all the similar products I found and after seeing the mailing cost I don't know how you can afford to offer such a great price. I am a well-satisfied customer and more than a little curious how your business works and how I could do something similar that would be a great value to people. ”

R. Geick / Brampton, Ontario:
"Installing your mirror defogger kit has made my busy morning a little less stressful and freed up time for other things. In fact, the whole family likes it so much, that we will be installing a large unit in our new bathroom, accommodating everyone from the kids to my 6' tall significant other. Thanks for a great product!"


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